The Nebraska Humane Society says a one year old English Bulldog that severely bit a nine year old girl in the face last week also attacked another child recently.

The nine year old girl had to have reconstructive surgery to re-attach a portion of her lip. A friend of the girl's mother brought the dog over and the child was bit when she tried to pet the dog.

The Humane Society's Mark Langan tells Newsradio 1110 KFAB the dog also bit a ten year old boy in the stomach, causing severe injuries.  Langan says because of the two vicious attacks, the dog will be euthanized at the end of the ten day quarantine period.

"We would not be serving public safety well at all if we put this dog back out in the community", Langan says.

After biting the girl, the dog's owner was cited for not having the dog licensed.  The animal also didn't have a rabies vaccine.