Two men were arrested Sunday after Douglas County authorities say they tried to steal 13 LED televisions from the Marriott Hotel that's under construction near 182nd and Cuming Street.

When deputies arrived, one of the men was running from the scene.  19 year old Tanner Pohlmeier was caught at a nearby car delaership folling a brief foot pursuit.

Deputy Chief Tom Wheeler says 21 year old Juan Gariby drove around two cruisers as he tried to get away.  He was arrested two blocks away from the hotel.

A search of the vehicle turned up two 39 inch LED televisions. a switch blade knife and a small amount of marijuana.  A total of 13 t.v.'s were taken from hotel rooms and all of them were recovered.  

Pohlmeier was booked for burglary and obstruction.  Garibay was arrested for burglary, carrying a concealed weapon, possesion of marijuana and possesion of drug paraphernalia.