Pottawattamie County Attorney Mat Wilber says Iowa State Trooper Tim Sieleman won't face criminal charges in connection with the shooting of a man last December.

Wilber said during a Friday news conference that trooper Sieleman has been cleared of wrong doing after he shot and wounded a man during a pursuit in Council Bluffs on December 1.

Sieleman shot 28-year-old Michael Lee of Carter Lake after an incident that began when the trooper tried to stop him for not having license plates on a truck later determined to have been stolen.

During the chase, Sieleman rammed the pickup truck Lee was driving. Both vehicles ended up off the road. As Sieleman got out of his cruiser, Lee accelerated and drove toward him. 

Wilber says Sieleman fired ten shots at the vehicle and Lee suffered an arm wound.  He managed to drive back onto the road and the ten mile chase continued until another trooper was able to ram the pick up and end the pursuit.

Lee has pleaded not guilty to interference with official acts and assaulting a police officer.