Bellevue Police have identified the two officers involved in a fatal shooting over the weekend as Officer James Murray and Officer Zach Stalder, both six-year veterans of the department. The shooting took the life of 48-year-old John Tilley.

WOWT 6 News reports the two officers who shot him are on administrative leave while an internal investigation is under way. 

One of the cars John Tilley slammed into on Emiline Street Saturday morning was still on the street Monday but at least two Bellevue vehicles may be totaled as the result of a mini-pursuit that ended at the end of the street.


Bellevue Police thought the problem was resolved after stopping at the veteran's home for a noise complaint but officers returned a short time later and it escalated from there.

Investigators say the 48-year-old took off in his pickup, slamming into cars, weaving through two backyards before ramming into the back of a cruiser. That's when two officers fired, killing him in the driver seat. His accelerator was floored.

Tilley lived in Bellevue with his wife. Neighbors said he was going to school to become a nurse. They say it's not clear what caused him to snap.

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