As millions watched and listened to Denver quarterback Peyton Manning yell ‘Omaha, Omaha’ in last nights’ NFL AFC division championship, a simple ‘Thank You’ tweet by the Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau had the Twitterspere buzzing.

Here’s the OCVB tweet from its VisitOmaha twitter account:
‘We certainly appreciate all the love from #PeytonManning #OmahaOmaha’

Within a short period of time, more than 4,200 people from all over the country had tweeted and retweeted the message. 

The tweet spurred bloggers such as SB Nation to write, ‘Peyton Manning can’t stop talking about Omaha’. 

"Some tweeters suggest counting how many times Manning says ‘Omaha Omaha’ during next week’s game," says Jasmyn LeFlore, the OCVB’s Social Media manager. "We love the idea, just tweet us every time he says Omaha and we’ll keep track, and we’ll keep the conversation about Omaha going."