A disagreement between two Millard South High School students led to the spread of rumors about a threat of violence at the school on Friday.

Principal Curtis Case sent a letter to parents saying there was no substance to any threat.  Neither student was in school on Friday. 

Here is the notice parents received from Case:

"As you may have heard, two students have been in a disagreement that has become a disciplinary matter. We are working through this matter with the students, their families and authorities. We feel it is important for you to know that our investigation has turned up no substance to the threats they have made against each other. However, we are making it very clear to these students that they need to understand we take all comments very seriously. We are taking appropriate disciplinary actions."

The letter also said "We are also very aware of the conversation on social media. We are in the process of contacting each student who has contributed to these comments and speaking with both them and their families. We have found that students often add to social media threads without thoughts of the consequences of their words, so we feel this is a very important conversation for us to have."

The school was the scene of a deadly shooting in January, 2011.  Robert Butler Jr. was a student at the school and killed assistant principal Vicki Kaspar and wounded principal Case before taking his own life.