An Iowa man who walked from coast to coast will be the featured speaker at a fundraiser for organ donation at Saturday's NebraskaMedicalCenter's transplant reunion. Don Erickson just finished walking from New York to California - 3,300 miles to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation. 

Erickson walked in honor of Joseph Rethmeier who saved five lives with his organs and improved more than 50 through tissue and skin donations.  He started his walk on June 6, 2013 and finished July 12th. 


The annual Transplant Reunion is a way for transplant recipients and their families to share and learn about their experiences as well as to learn about advances in transplant medicine and tips for maintaining their health. The reunion is from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Ramada Inn at 72nd and Grover Streets.