A sanitation worker discovered a body while dumping a load of garbage at the Douglas County landfill near 216th and Pawnee Road around 6:30 Wednesday morning.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Department has identified the body as 57 year old Lewis Doss of Omaha.  Captain Steve Glandt says Doss hadn't been dead long and was fully clothed.

Glandt says it's unknown how Doss ended up inside a dumpster.  Investigators are working to locate each trash pickup location to search for additional evidence.

Glandt says it appears that the Deffenbaugh driver was unaware that Doss was inside a dumpster as it was picked up.  As the driver dumped the load, he saw what appeared to be the victim’s legs sticking from the trash. It was at that time that the Sheriff’s Office was notified.

Deffenbaugh Industries and Douglas County Environmental Service officials are working with the Sheriff’s Office to complete the investigation.

An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday morning.