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Not EVERYONE has a great relationship with their dad. Sad, but true. However, no matter where your dad comes up short, was he as bad as these guys?

• Constantine the Great -- For reasons that remain unclear, this Roman emperor ordered the execution of his son, Crispus, in 326 A.D. and erased his name from official records. Monuments to Crispus were also destroyed.

• Bruce McMahan -- This Florida multimillionaire loved his daughter so much, he married her. Yes, that's right. The pair secretly exchanged vows in 2004 even though McMahan was still married to his fifth wife and his daughter, Linda Schutt, lived with her husband in Mississippi. They, too, are now divorced.

• Ivan the Terrible --  In 1581, this Russian tzar beat his pregnant daughter-in-law as punishment for wearing revealing clothing, causing her to miscarry. His son, also named Ivan, angrily confronted him and was struck on the head with Ivan the Terrible's scepter. The younger Ivan died a few days later.

• Herod the Great -- An ambitious but cruel and paranoid king of Judea, he infamously ordered the executions of several family members, including his second wife and three of his sons.

• Michael Jackson – Sadly remembered for his love of “the children” as much as his music, Jackson's parenting skills were most famously questioned when he dangled his infant son Blanket over a balcony before screaming fans in Germany in 2002. Some called for his arrest on child endangerment charges.

• Thomas Boleyn -- He is said to have pressured his daughter, Anne, to marry King Henry VIII, even though the king was already married at the time. Three years after the controversial marriage, Anne fell out of favor with the king and was beheaded on charges of high treason. Her brother, George, suffered the same fate. Thomas, meanwhile, is said to have done nothing to protect them.

• Woody Allen -- In 1992, he admitted to being romantically involved with Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow, Allen's longtime companion. Farrow discovered the affair when she found nude pictures of her daughter in Allen's apartment.