Ritch Cassidy

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Ritch Cassidy

Known for his two brain cells and unwavering love for country music, Ritch Cassidy began his 20 year radio journey as the "over-night" phone screener in his hometown. At one time, Ritch Cassidy hosted “pre-packaged” radio shows in four other states, as well as auditioned for CMT (Country Music Television). The in-depth, down home style Ritch brings to listeners gives the audience a chance to connect on a personal level that is very seldom heard. Since singing on the Grand Ole Opry at age 5 and teaching himself guitar at 10 (to be like his idol Randy Travis), Ritch Cassidy and friends (who have coined themselves the Cassidy crew) are poised and ready to take their love and passion for country music to the Metro Morning Drive, and country music radio to a completely new level. In his spare time, Cassidy enjoys spending time with his wife Cassie, best four legged friend Hickree Mo , singing, playing guitar and researching the history of country music.


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