Billy Currington doesn't like to wear shoes if he can help it, even if he's running for miles and miles. If you happen to catch Billy Currington in concert, you’ll notice he enjoys performing without any shoes on, and that goes back to his childhood when he wasn’t required to wear shoes at all.“I don’t ever wear shoes, unless I have to, ‘cause where I grew up in the town itself, anywhere you went you didn’t have to wear shoes,” says Billy. “So, I got used to that as a kid and most of my life.”He even goes running without shoes, as well. “I’ve been running barefoot for so long, not all the time, but probably half the time, you know, eight, 10 miles, and so my feet, they’re used to it.” Billy is currently running up the charts with his latest hit single, “We Are Tonight,” which is now sitting inside the Top 10. A little tidbit – “We Are Tonight” was written by newcomer Sam Hunt, along with Mark Beeson and Josh Osborne.