Several Hollywood stars, including Kristen Bell, Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Lawrence and others are calling for legislation to stop paparazzi from photographing celebrity children, and as a father of three daughters, Tim McGraw agrees that there needs to be limits and protections in place for kids of celebrities. “There has to be some distance,” says Tim. “We put ourselves out there because that’s what we do for a living, but our kids didn’t ask for it.”

While the paparazzi isn’t as big of an issue in Nashville, when Tim and Faith take their family to New York or L.A. they encounter them and Tim says, “You gotta have some restraint, I think. And I think that anytime that they can push these guys back a bit, it’s a good thing. I don’t mind people takin’ pictures, but at least if somebody says ‘no’, or somebody’s doin’ somthin’, leave their family out of it.”