Hayley Williams Urges Tourists Not To Visit Nashville Amidst Pandemic

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Hayley William is fed up with tourists flocking to her city and partying without any regard for public health. On Tuesday (August 4), the Paramore singer shared a series of messages on Instagram story directed at anyone who has plans to visit Nashville in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Please don’t come to Nashville. Plan your bachelorette party somewhere else this time,” she said, referencing the city's reputation as a bachelorette party destination. “The numbers are skyrocketing pretty much everywhere; Nashville is no different. Our people are dying, our local businesses are suffering — so many businesses that make our town special and made it enticing in the first place. Tourists, people from out of town, are coming in and crawling up and down Broadway taking shots to terrible music. I just don’t understand what the governor or the mayor are doing.”

“Our governor, our mayor, our local officials will not listen,” Williams continued. "In fact, they arrest peaceful protestors who are masked, but they let tourists crawl over Lower Broadway, drunk and hanging out the sides of party buses. That’s not even Nashville.”

She ended her message by tagging local businesses to support and telling followers if they really care about the city, they won't visit: “If you really believe in Nashville, don’t come here until this s**t is handled,” she said bluntly.

Williams has been outspoken on social media these days. She has championed the Black Lives movement and in June handed off her Instagram account to teenage activists for a day.

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