Tim McGraw Shares Why It Was 'Tough' When His Daughters Grew Up & Left Home

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Tim McGraw knows as well as any parent that it can be an emotional experience watching kids leave home as they pursued their educations. The iconic country artist is a father to three adult daughters: Gracie, 25, Maggie, nearly 24, and Audrey, 20.

McGraw raised his daughters with his wife, who also happens to be a superstar in the country music industry, Faith Hill. Now empty-nesters, McGraw remembered it was “tough” any time his daughters left home. Though it was an emotional experience, McGraw assures parents, “you get used to it,” and “you start gettin’ excited about seeing where their career goes and where their life goes…” He said in a statement shared by his record label:

“It’s tough, for sure. And it’s tough when they go away. I mean, I’m a crier anyway, so every time our girls have left and we’ve dropped ‘em off somewhere, it’s always been tough. But you get used to it. You start gettin’ excited about seeing where their career goes and where their life goes, and it’s fun to watch ‘em grow into strong, independent young women.

“But I’ll tell ya, the cool part is Faith and I really have enjoyed our time alone now at home. You know, we see the girls quite often. They come home and visit quite often, but now when they were there for about four or five days, we’re like, you know, we kinda want our house back,” McGraw added with a laugh.

McGraw and Hill have been able to see their daughters grow up and pursue different goals. Gracie is a performer, Maggie is in Washington D.C. after receiving her master’s degree from Stanford University, and Audrey is a model and aspiring actress. McGraw previously said his daughters “all have big hearts, and they all are very polite and they really respect people, and they all feel like they wanna make a difference in the world.”

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