Grandma Accidentally Texts Stranger and Invites to Thanksgiving & He Came

Have you ever sent a text accidentally to the wrong number?

Back in 2016, Wanda Dench, in Mesa, Arizona, sent a text to Jamal Hinton, thinking she was texting her grandson. Her grandson had changed his phone number so the text went to Jamal, a complete stranger. When they figured out that there was a big mixup, Jamal asked if he could come over anyway, and she said "Of course you can. That's what Grandmas do".

Jamal has been returning every year (except for last because of the pandemic) and this will be his sixth time celebrating Thanksgiving with Wanda. It's different this year, though, since Wanda lost her husband last year to Covid 19.

What a great friendship. And this is what Thanksgiving is all about!

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