82 Year Old Tik Tok Influencer Shows How We Can All Get Fit in 2022

Happy 2022! After stuffing my face with food and drinks over the holidays, it's time to get real and work on my fitness. But every year around this time, the cookie pushers come around selling their Do-Si-Dos and I'm doomed.

But when I ran across this inspirational Grandma who has been sharing her work out moves on Tik Tok, I was inspired to get out those weights and make some muscles. Or at least get some blood flowing.

Erika Rischko is 81 years old and she didn't even start working out until she was in her mid 50's. But once she started, she wanted to share with others that old people aren't boring and they can be active.

Not sure what's more impressive-those workouts or that she's doing regular posts on Tik Tok at 81 years old!

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