Dierks Bentley Rides His Bike in the Snow....and Crashes (video)

Dierks Bentley is our outdoor "get in shape" inspiration for the New Year. He's always doing something active and sharing with his fans on Instagram. His latest hobby is riding his bike....in the snow.

Apparently Dierks would rather put on his winter gear and pedal through real snow rather than getting on a Peloton and pressing "play" on a video of someone else riding a bicycle through the snow. And we love it! He even crashed while riding, but because the snow was so fluffy he laughed the whole time.

Maybe someone should give Dierks a GoPro or something hooked to his bike so he could ride with two hands lol and he could film some of those workout bicycle videos.

Riding bikes with Dierks virtually while his music is playing sounds like a great workout to us!

And then we'll be ready and in shape to go see Dierks in concert. These aren't "sit down" shows and we'll be concert ready!

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