Atlanta Is Not Happy

Maroon 5 iHeart

Us Weekly claims Maroon 5 may play this year's Super Bowl halftime show. A source tells the magazine; “The offer has been extended and they’ve pretty much accepted.'' People in and from Atlanta are not happy about the choice. Some social media posts say... ''Atlanta, home of Outkast, T.I., Future, Ludacris, Usher, etc., gets Maroon 5 to play the damn Super Bowl.'' ''having the super bowl in atlanta and getting maroon 5 to perform at halftime is like going to pappadeaux and asking the waiter to bring you some long john silver’s'' ''I actually like Maroon 5 but we couldn’t get any hip-hop artists for a Super Bowl in Atlanta?'' ''@nfl: “We need a halftime show for the Super Bowl The city of Atlanta: 2 Chainz 3 stacks Future Migos Flocka Jeezy THUGGER Gucci Big Boi T.I. Luda@nfl: “Hey what about Maroon 5?” What do you think? I gotta agree with some of the posts. There are a TON of talented artists who would slay it at the SuperBowl. Not that I don't love Maroon 5, but let the ATL represent!


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