Bizarre Things People Do To Save Money

There’s nothing wrong with trying to save money anywhere you can, but it turns out there are some people who take things a bit too far. Just how crazy can folks get with the penny pinching? Well, some savers are opening up to Vice about the hilarious, and often bizarre, things they’ve done to save a few bucks, and some of them may shock you.

Bizarre ways people have saved money include:

  • “I cut open my face wash and moisturizer to get every last drop because that stuff is $$$$.”
  • “(Purchase) meat at the grocery store on a Sunday night. They tend to stock up before the weekend but by Sunday everyone has what they are going to grill and such; what remains must be sold, at a big discount too.”
  • “Save old water from washing fruits/rice and use to water plants.”
  • “My wife cuts my hair; sometimes I have the kids use my bathwater; I’ll drive up to 4 hours to a different airport for a cheaper ticket; I rarely eat out and when I do it's carryout, no matter the restaurant, to avoid the 20 percent tip.”
  • "I bring an empty plastic bottle with me when I go to the gym and fill it up with the hand soap inside the gym’s bathroom. Saves me money on soap and it so happens I love the smell."
  • "Instead of buying plastic containers, I wash and reuse empty ice cream or butter containers for storage."
  • “My friend Jay and I in our club-going days used to hide our coats in an alley near this club, rather than pay the $1 coat-check fee."
  • “If the paper towel isn’t too dirty, I’ll rinse and hang it out to dry so I can reuse it.”
  • “Every time I go to any fast food place and they dump your bag full up ketchup or other condiments, I save all of them so I can use them later." 

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Source: Vice

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