Officials Investigating After Luke Bryan's Red Stag Deer Killed At His Farm

Officials Investigating After Luke Bryan's Red Stag Deer Killed At His Farm

Authorities in Maury County, Tennessee are investigating after a red stag deer that belonged to Luke Bryan was killed on his private property outside of Nashville in early December. 

The Tennessean reports that the animal was shot and killed between the evening of December 4 and the early morning of December 6. According to Barry Cross of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Bryan’s farm manager reported the shooting which is believed to have come from the road. A $5,000 reward has been offered by the Maury County Sheriff’s Office for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the responsible parties. 

"As an agency we appreciate our hunters who do the right thing and follow the bylaws, and it takes a second for someone to ruin it for all of us," Cross said.

Cross explained that red stags are not native to the United States, which means Bryan would have had to bring the animal in. The country star and his wife, Caroline, operate a petting zoo called Brett’s Barn, featuring various kinds of exotic animals giving sick children the opportunity to interact with the animals. Brett’s Barn was started by the couple in honor of their late niece Sadie Brett Boyer, who died at the age of seven months in 2017 after battling congenital heart disease. It is unknown if the red stag was a part of the miniature animal farm.

Luke Bryan has yet to publicly comment on the shooting and investigation.

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on the shooting or investigation. 


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