R. Kelly Denied Jail Release After Being Beaten Up

A federal judge has denied R. Kelly's request to be released from jail after the singer was beaten up, claiming "no one at the MCC raised a finger to stop" it.

R. Kelly has been in custody as he waits for trials in Illinois and New York for federal criminal charges, which include sex trafficking and child pornography. He was recently reportedly beaten up while in jail and was "well into [the] beating" before staff at the Metropolitan Correctional Center intervened, according to a claim submitted by his lawyers. The claim also says that Kelly "suffered significant physical and psychological injuries."

The Daily News reports that Judge Harry D. Leinenweber has now denied R. Kelly's request to be released from the jail, explaining in his ruling, "While this incident is concerning, it does not warrant an immediate release." He continued, "This single isolated incident does not suggest that the Bureau of Prisons is incapable of safely housing Mr. Kelly."

In the ruling, Judge Leinenweber goes on to say, "The inmate involved in the incident with Mr. Kelly has since been transferred to a different facility. In any event, release from custody is not the appropriate remedy for such a wrong."

The judge also explained, "If Mr. Kelly wishes to challenge the conditions of his confinement or the MCC’s ability to protect him, he can bring those claims in a separate civil action following proper exhaustion of administrative remedies," adding, "Mr. Kelly has not demonstrated a change in circumstances that alters the court’s previous conclusion that pretrial detention is necessary."

Photo: Getty Images